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Groom Speech - Make Your Speech The Best With Our 5 Top Points!

Point No: One

Make sure you have gone to the trouble to repare a Groom Speech of some kind. 

It may sound obvious, but many grooms think they can make a speech up as they go.

How many guys read an instruction book before operating something new, only wishing they had after they broke something or could not get it to work properly?

Having at least something prepared is far better than trying to 'wing it'. No preparation invariably leads to disaster in some form, freezing with the mic in your hand, stuttering and other symptoms of stage fright.

Point No: Two

Try to ensure the speech is not too long.  While it is your Wedding Day, it can become embarrassing if any of the speakers carry on for too long.

A good time is approximately five minutes long, but unless you are a professional speaker who can hold an audience in his hand for any length of time, most people will start to lose interest in your speech. 

Telltale signs the audience has had enough are symptoms such as people looking at their watch every few seconds,  moving uncomfortably on their chairs and looking away from you. 

The biggest hint of all is the Yawn !

Point No: Three

The Groom Speech is best practised before the wedding, and praticised a number of times. 

You can use the bathroom mirror as the audience, your reflection becomes the audience looking back at you.  

Remember  to practise the speech in front of someone you trust.  This could be one of your parents, as it is unlikely they will laugh at you, but make helpful suggestions. 

It is also extremely unlikely they will let your friends know how bad you first attempt was, parents do not want to see their children embarrassed.

Point No: Four

The best Groom Speech, like most well performed speeches, use cue cards. 

You can make these from some old cardboard and cut to the size that will fit in the palm of your hand.  The main items included your speech are noted here, not a full word for word story. 

Keeping eye contact with the audience is also important, whereas with a full written speech means your eyes will seldom look up from the paper.  If they did, chances will be that you are going to loose your place.

Point No: Five

The best Groom Speech is always witty and funny. However they should not be seedy or x-rated.  It is important to remember that among the guests, your grandparents maybe present, along with children and teenagers.  Every one should be able to receive your speech on the same level, not just tailored to a some of your closest friends.

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